//The Powerhouse – Zion, IL

The Powerhouse – Zion, IL

Zion Power Generating Station Model: A scale model of the nuclear power station at Zion Illinois. Once a button is pushed a digitally stored sound track starts and various parts of the model illuminate to depict the function being narrated. Multiple fiber optic illuminators and many incandescent and miniature fluorescent light sources are used.

Geyser Exhibit: A button push starts a rumbling digital audio sound track, fiber-optic lighting effects and eventually, a 4 foot high geyser-like eruption of water.

Showerhead Economy Exhibit. By pushing a button, a race between two showerheads is initiated. Tubes fill and just as they appear to be about to overflow, the water stops, pauses and drains – ready to initiate another sequence. The use of high-pressure (70 PSI) water and a fast re-circulation system were special accomplishments.

Atom Exhibit: A 3’ diameter sphere within a wooden frame contains a large model of a helium atom. Neutrons, protons are individually lighted in accordance with a digital audio narration. The electrons strobe as a fog is introduced. The fog is evacuated within 1 minute and the program is ready to run again.

Limited dispersion speaker systems for video presentations: Throughout the exhibit hall video presentations are staged to direct and inform he visitor. A confusing field of sound originally bombarded the visitor from all directions. Speaker systems were designed, fabricated and installed to direct and contain the sound to the immediate areas around the presentations.

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