//Adler Planetarium – Chicago, IL

Adler Planetarium – Chicago, IL

Sunergy: Once a pushbutton is actuated, a section of the “sun” moves upward and particles start to vibrate. The visitor turns a knob to regulate the vibrating energy of the particles.We used a linear motion servo system, digital encoders and stepper motors to achieve this complex aggregation of effects.  (Image)

Losing the Moon: A linear array of several hundred yellow LEDs simulate a radar signal bounced off the surface of the moon to monitor the minutely increasing distance from the earth to the moon. To achieve this effect each LED had to be individually addressed by the purpose designed control system.

Energy Icon Exhibit: Several arrays of incandescent light are slowly brightened and dimmed by the control system to provide energy to scores of radiometers that spin faster with the increasing light/radiation levels.

How Hot?: Light temperature/color is regulated by precisely positioning a fiber optic illuminator disc in relation to a visitor-operated slide on the exhibit panel. A microcontroller based servo system was designed to accomplish the very critical positioning required.

How Far is the Star Calculator: The visitor interacts with this exhibit by observing information and then entering numerical brightness levels into a “calculator” to resolve the distance to a particular star. The calculator prompts the visitor through the process by asking questions on a vacuum fluorescent alpha numerical display that also echoes the entries and posts the result.

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