//Shedd Aquarium – Chicago, IL

Shedd Aquarium – Chicago, IL

Sea Polyp Mist System: Includes a DI water atomization process that produces water particle that are 30 microns in diameter. Pushing a button produces a mist cloud several feet above the visitor’s heads. The particles evaporate before reaching the visitors, the exhibit or the floor. The equipment is located some 40 feet from the exhibit. A microprocessor-based system monitors liquid levels and pressures at various points to insure proper long-term operation.

Fishing Techniques: A large panel with ten triangular graphic elements rotates to tell the story of various fishing techniques utilized in the Philippine islands. A purpose-designed and fabricated control system responds to four pushbutton actuated programs to tell the story. Up above, a single line LED message sign further details the sequence of graphic depictions.

Gobey Fish: A small diorama utilizing several servo and linear mechanical motion means coupled to sliding knobs at the front of the exhibit. Two visitors are engaged to save the Gobey fish and blind shrimp from a predator fish. Several annunciator lightboxes light to inform and encourage the visitor. All automation is monitored and sequenced by a purpose built microcontroller and software.

Sanctuary Model: The visitor rotates a large knob to simulate the spread of vegetation on an island, affecting the balance of resources and future viability of the ecosystem. The vegetation is represented by fiber optic points generated by six illuminators. The knob is coupled to an absolute digital encoder and stepper motor actuated by a purpose-designed control system and software. After about 30 seconds of inactivity the knob automatically rotates back to the zero position and all fiber points are turned off.

Shark Head: A small oval door is lifted by the visitor to reveal a small diorama. When the door closes it won’t pinch anybody’s fingers — it automatically returns to the closed position without slamming down.

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