//Museum of Science and Industry – Chicago, IL

Museum of Science and Industry – Chicago, IL

Petroleum Planet Big ”T” Exhibit: An engineering only project, more than 140 bubble panels are arranged five levels high inside a walk through cylindrical room 18 feet high and 22 feet in diameter. To support the many effects the panels can produce, a complex scheme was designed including a 20 HP air compressor, thousands of feet of plumbing, hundreds of solenoid valves and a control system interface. Challenges were presented by the very aggressive properties of the special fluid engineered to fill the panels.

Petroleum Planet Big Valve Exhibit: Includes twelve 8-foot tall bubble tubes. It’s similar to the above system, but with more modest scale and effects.

The New Farm Exhibit: A load cell based industrial scale compares the weight of visitor(s) to various illuminated graphically represented farmyard animals. The scale platform had been already been donated to the museum some years ago. We designed a special interface to couple the load cell’s output to our microprocessor based control system.

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