//Chicago Children’s Museum – Chicago, IL

Chicago Children’s Museum – Chicago, IL

These exhibits were designed as part of cooperative among several museums here in the US and Canada. The exhibits traveled through a number of venues for several years. Techniques we developed for tradeshow set-up and teardown cycle survival as well as child-proof, robust, reliable electronics and mechanical means were employed.

Juke Box: Digitally stored memory related songs are called up and played by the visitor selecting the songs by illuminated pushbuttons.

Memory Pushbutton Game: A game designed to tease shot-term memory. Pushbuttons would light in ever lengthening sequences. After correctly completing four sequences the visitor is rewarded by light show.

Memory Telephone Game: English or French is initially selected and thereafter the visitor is audibly directed through a memory game requiring remembering and keying in ever lengthening number sequences on the telephone keypad. After three challenges the visitor is congratulated on successful completion. An all digital voice and control system was designed to accomplish this enticing exhibit.

Memory Video Presentation: A 10-minute animated video presentation that runs at the push of a button.

Woodpecker: A microcontroller based control system was employed to produce an occasionally occurring woodpecker sound. The sound was created in the exhibit by propelling a solenoid plunger against a hollow wooden block.

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